September 4, 2020

Influencers That Are Doing Positive Work For COVID-19

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Since COVID-19 started, it seemed as though the world has stopped. People are afraid to get out of their houses, many are unemployed, and some are unable to obtain protective covering of any kind.

Well, recently, several social media influencers have used their platform for the greater good. Between donating masks, proceeds, and their overall time, these influencers are working hard to aid in COVID-19 relief.

  1. Charli & Dixie D’amelio

Popular TikTokers, Charli and Dixie D’amelio took to Instagram a few weeks ago, and announced that they’ve accepted the “All In Challenge”. According to their website, the challenge is meant to raise money for children/families that are struggling for meals during these trying times. Affiliated organizations include: Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry.

Although the contest is now closed, the D’amelio sisters wanted to raise money for the affected organizations. For a $10 donation, fans were able to submit one entry. The lucky winner gets to spend the entire day with Charli and Dixie D’amelio in New York City.

Check out the all in one challenge here
Check out the all in one challenge here

The day starts off with breakfast and a limo ride through the city that never sleeps. The winner will get to shop until they drop with the D’amelio sisters at the NYC Hollister Headquarters. Then, they will have a beautiful Central Park based photoshoot. The winner will also be able to make TikToks with the D’amelio sisters along the way. Finally, their day will end with an incredible concert at Madison Square Garden.

The exact date will be released once it’s safe to interact in public.

2. WithWendy

Wendy Liu is a DIY YouTuber, with a little over 1 million subscribers. Her channel name is “withwendy”, and she teaches her followers how to sew different articles of clothing/accessories.

Several weeks ago, Liu uploaded a video, titled: “I made hospital-approved face masks”. In this video, she shows her subscribers how to make different types of homemade cloth masks. According to Wendy, these are all hospital-approved, and if you haven extra supplies, you can make and donate these masks to local hospitals in need of protective coverings. This way, nurses/doctors can save the N-95 masks for when it’s absolutely necessary.

Liu showcased four different types of masks in her tutorial, and she noted that while not everyone may have the proper supplies to make homemade masks, she would link the materials needed in the description below.

She also added a donation button under the video, and asked her followers to support the United Nations Foundation. The organization is raising money for COVID-19 related efforts, and it’s raised $4,000,000/$7,000,000 so far.

3. Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast is a YouTuber with over 34 million subscribers. He’s always giving money to fans, donating to the less fortunate, and providing his assistance in any way that he can. So, it comes as no surprise that he created the “$250,000 Influencer Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament” challenge.

This video served as a fundraiser to help aid in COVID-19 related efforts. Mr. Beast gathered 32 of the biggest influencers to play a simple game of rock, paper, scissors. The loser of each round got eliminated, and the winner went onto the next round.

Some of the influencers that were involved with this tournament are: David Dobrik, Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star, Casey Neistat, FaZe Rug, Addison Rae, Nadeshot, Juanpa, LaurDIY, Jack Black, etc.

The final two competitors ended up being between Nadeshot and Casey Neistat. Nadeshot won the grand prize of $250,000, but instead of keeping the money, he got to choose the COVID-19 related charity of his choice. He chose to donate the money to the CDC Organization, in honor of his friend’s grandmother who passed away, due to COVID-19 related complications.

4. Abiel Ruiz

Abiel Ruiz is the CEO/Co-Founder of the Vie-Riche clothing company. He currently resides in the Dominican Republic, and has been working to help families affected by COVID-19. A few weeks ago, he released a merchandise line, specifically for COVID-19. Although not all of it sold, Ruiz stated that he will be donating a portion of it to the WHO.

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Check out Vie - Riche’s clothing company

Ruiz has also stated that he will be donating a portion of the profits from his main clothing line to various families in the Dominican Republic. He admitted that while COVID-19 isn’t as bad in the Dominican Republic, as it is in the United States, families in the D.R. are still struggling to afford food, due to higher unemployment rates.

5. Tana Mongeau

Image from iOS.jpg

Tana Mongeau has been using her platform to help families that are currently struggling, due to COVID-19.

On March 27th, Mongeau released the following tweet:

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 3.40.07 PM.png

Fans began to reply with their stories, and how even just a bit of money could help them afford food for the week. Well, Mongeau didn’t hesitate. One user, by the name of Taryn, stated that she was in desperate need of diapers and groceries. Although the amount was unknown, Mongeau replied to her and told her to check her CashApp.

Just a few days later, on April 2nd, Mongeau announced the launch of her new charity: The 11:11 Project.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 3.44.14 PM.png

According to the official website, the 11:11 Project is “a movement started to make an immediate impact against the Corona Virus.” Their mission is to raise enough money to help those affected (either directly or indirectly) by the effects of COVID-19.

The 11:11 Project has partnered with Pandemic of Love, Cult For Good, and Feeding America, to provide relief to families in need of assistance. So far, Mongeau’s charity has raised $9,233 and counting.

Check out the The 11:11 Project here

6. Shirley Raines

While many people are able to stay indoors, and away from COVID-19, homeless people are not as fortunate.

They’re forced to live on sidewalks and close-quartered tents. In areas where the population of homelessness is high, if one person gets COVID-19, there’s a good chance that the others will get the virus as well.  

Image from iOS.jpg

Check out Shirley’s IG Here

Influencer and founder of “Beauty on the Streets”, Shirley Raines, was on a mission to protect the homeless. So, she went to an area where the homeless population stretches for miles: Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. According to the LA Chamber, there are over 2,500 homeless people currently residing in Skid Row.

Raines arrived in the neighborhood with protective gear and supplies for the homeless. She bought 600 burgers from McDonalds to feed the homeless, and she passed out one pair of gloves, one mask, hand sanitizer, tents, and blankets to as many people as she could.

Although Raines was maintaining a proper 6 foot distance, she was still going out there and putting her life on the line to help the ones who weren’t able to receive proper care. It was absolutely incredible, and truly inspiring.

Sertified Casting is also doing its part to help out during this time. We’ve partnered with the Brave Beginnings Organization, to supply more masks for the frontline workers. Brave Beginnings is taking $9 donations, and using that money to create more masks for hospital workers.

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