Registering to be talent with Sertified is 100% free. All we need is some personal information so we can contact you when we have opportunities that fit your description. Feel free to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter after you register to be to see castings as they are posted and directly submit to us!


Typically when submitting we ask you to send two high quality photos (one professional headshot & one full body portrait). Please make sure the photos are high quality and have good lighting (no filters). After you complete the form, we will contact you if we have any castings that fit your criteria!

Booking Fee

Our fee is 15% of the total earnings from each booking. This percentage can vary depending on the situation and circumstances and you will be notified ahead of time if this is the case.


Once you are registered and following our social media accounts you will be ready to submit and be cast in various projects. There are a few policies that we have at Sertified Casting to keep to get a call back to set.

Tardiness or No Shows

If you are late or do not show up to set this can and will affect you being cast in the future. If ever in an emergency and cannot make it to set please let us know with a 48 hour notice so we can find a replacement. In any emergency that does not allow enough notice in advance will still effect your chances of being cast in the future. If you are running late please inform us as soon as possible before your booking time so we can inform the production. Tardiness will also (under any circumstances) affect future bookings. If you are late more that 1 time you may be suspended from the service for up to 1 year.


Any complaints about sexual, racial, inappropriate dialogue or actions used towards production or fellow cast members will lead to immediate termination of your account with us at Sertified Casting for a lifetime.

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