September 4, 2020

404Haven: A New Content Creator House, Geared Towards Minorities

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Content creator houses have been around for years, and are a great way to connect and collaborate with other like-minded influencers. For example, when Vine was still an interactive app, influencers such as: Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Amanda Cerny, Lele Pons, Juanpa Zurita, and more lived inside of the 1600 Vine building. 

Once YouTube became popular, more content creator houses began to form. Well known YouTube houses include: The Trap House, The Clout House, The FaZe House, etc.

After TikTok rose to fame in 2019, influencers began to utilize content creator houses more than ever. The infamous Hype House was founded in late 2019, and the Sway House was founded earlier this year. 

Recently, social media star, Big Nik, founded a content creator house of his own. Nik obtained the house through a sponsorship, and the house currently has four members: Jade-Anh, Diego Vargas, Big Nik, and Tricia Wang. 

Big Nik:

Big Nik got his start by creating comedic skits on Vine. He’s collaborated on numerous videos with Brennen Taylor, David Dobrik, Alex Ernst, King Bach, Colby Brock, and more. Although Vine was shut down in 2017, Big Nik switched platforms and continued to make videos on YouTube. With a combined following of over 2 million followers on Instagram and YouTube, Big Nik has worked hard to build his career. Not only is he a social media influencer, but he’s also made a name for himself in the music department. 

He’s released a total of over twenty songs, and 13 music videos — “Above” being his most recent single.

BigNik (@bignik) Official TikTok | Watch BigNik's Newest TikTok Videos

Diego Vargas:

Diego Vargas is a 23-year-old social media marketing expert, best known for his adventure/comedy style videos with Big Nik, Lance Stewart, Joey Salads and more. Vargas is also the co-founder of Goat Marketing — an influencer marketing company. 

Vargas has a combined following of over 400,000 followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Diego Vargas (@diegovargas_96) | Twitter


Jade-Anh is a 20-year-old model/social media influencer, best known for her lifestyle content and Twitch streams. Anh’s Twitch content ranges from reaction videos, to mukbangs. She provides constant entertainment through her long-form streams, and it’s also a great way for fans to interact with her, via the chat feature.

Her content appears to be very naturalistic, and she provides viewers with the chance to dive deeper into her daily life. Anh has a combined following of over 600,000 on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch

Jade-Anh Ngo (@ja.dey) : sexyhair

Tricia Wang:

Tricia Wang is the newest member of 404Haven. She joined on Thursday, July 23rd, and will be working as the talented in-house chef. Wang noted via Instagram that she will be filming all of her cooking techniques, to upload onto social media. 

Wang has over 7,000 followers on Instagram. 

According to Big Nik, his main motivation for starting the 404Haven house is, “to create a lifestyle brand geared around content creation and online gaming”.

404Haven is a blended family, coming from all different types of backgrounds and ethnicities. 

Per their mission statement, 404Haven is “dedicated to the inclusivity and support of our creators!”. Each 404Haven member is diverse, and their house is considered a safe space for minorities. 

If you’re interested in joining 404Haven, you can head over to their website and use the “contact” form, to get in touch with someone on the team. 

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