January 22, 2021

#HeySertified: an opportunity to showcase your talents to a wide variety of people.

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Are you interested in growing your social media presence? Do you want to showcase your talent to a company who may hire you for future projects? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. 

Social media is a great way to boost your analytics, while making your voice heard. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a high follower count, it’s tough to get your name out there.

At Sertified Casting, we’re all about helping aspiring actors, musicians, and creative artists achieve their goals. So, Seth Francois (CEO of Sertified Casting) started the hashtag, “HeySertified”. 

The purpose of #HeySertified is to provide creative artists with the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wide variety of people. Although Sertified Casting is expanding new casting opportunities around the U.S., we’re currently operating in Los Angeles and Atlanta for the time being (Arizona opportunities are coming soon). Since Sertified Casting is not casting internationally, Francois wanted to find a way to show off talent from all over the world. Everyone deserves the chance to have a platform of their own. #HeySertified can be utilized from New York, Spain, Australia, etc. 

The Sertified Casting Instagram page currently has 11,000 followers, and we want to use those numbers to benefit you. We’ll be reposting some of your videos every Friday onto our main Instagram timeline. Francois will also be reposting some of his favorite #HeySertified videos onto his Instagram story. 

In order to be eligible for the repost, you have to create a video on TikTok or Instagram. Begin by introducing yourself and your talent. Ex: “Hey Sertified, my name is Allie, and my talent is juggling”. Then, cut to a shot of you performing your unique talent. Before you post your video, make sure to tag Sertified Casting and use the hashtag, ‘Hey Sertified’. This ensures that we’ll be able to see your video. 

So far, the hashtag has been viewed a total of 464,000 times, and it’s only going up from here. 

All types of talents are welcome — from singing and dancing, to cooking and drawing. As a matter of fact, Liam Donafee (also known as @liamslunchbox on TikTok) used #HeySertified to present a delicious cooking tutorial. 

The gourmet dish that he whipped up consisted of three easy ingredients: brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, cream cheese, and white chocolate. The video also highlighted Donafee’s comedic commentary. He called his creation, “pop tart truffles”.

Aqsa Malik from iLOVEFRIDAY also posted a video, in which she presented a montage of her songs, using #HeySertified. Their most infamous song is “Mia Khalifa” — a diss track towards the former adult film star. “Mia Khalifa” was released in 2018, and currently has more than 116,000,000 views on YouTube. The song was also used as a trend on TikTok in 2019.

An artist by the name of ‘Suzanna Rose’ used #HeySertified to showcase her incredible artwork. Her drawing of Ariana Grande reached over a thousand viewers, and many were impressed by her artistic abilities. 

Be sure to follow Sertified Casting on Instagram, in order to stay up-to-date with our #HeySertified Fridays. Keep showing us your incredible talents, and we’ll repost some of our favorite ones. 

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